How to write a Trojan Horse

I am going to tell you a very simple exmaple on how to write to write a Torjan Horse. Its is very basic one and is not malicious but you may end up losing unsaved data. It takes less than a minute to create this trojan and does not involve any coding though you can use the basic idea to write your own trojan that actully does something if you want to.

  1. Right click on the desktop screen and click an option under new that says new shortcut. 
  2.  Now write the following command in the space provided.  shutdown -s -t  60 -s “Any message you want to put  between the colons”.
  3. Click next you will get a screen that is shown below. Here enter whatever you would like to name your file and then click finish.
  4. Now to make it more effective click on the Trojan you just made and click properties and click on the change icon option. Here select whatever icon you like that you think would make your Trojan more effective. Here you can write your code and use the same logic to make it look like something else which enable you to run your code.



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