Install Cassandra on Windows

It is pretty easy to install Cassandra but as always I was still able to find it difficult so I thought of putting it down so I have it easy in the future.

Install Cassandra from its home page. One thing that you need to make sure is JAVA_HOME is setup.(Shouldn’t a problem if Java is already up and running ).
Go to your command promt  and go the folder where you extracted Casssandra. Then type the following command
bin\casandra -f localhost
This becomes your server for a single host and if you are experimenting and want it on the same model then

Then open a new cassandra window and type another command (this becomes your client)

(cant remember command)

P.S:  There are some blogs that tell you to change a yaml file but dont try to do it first if it doesnot work first then well you have no other option.


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