Redundancy Protocols(HSRP,VRRP,GLBP)

Redundancy Protocols:

Created By cisco
Uses a default Hello timer of 3 seconds with a hold timer of 10 seconds

Gateway oraganized into standby groups
One gateway Active, others in standby state
Phantom (virtual) router Ip and mac address generated
Hello Message sent once evert 3 seconds; dead after 10 seconds.

Virtual Mac Address

0000.0C 07.AC XX
Cisco Vnedor Id 00000C
XX- Group id

1) Create a standby group
2) Reassign Ip adress
3) Verify
4) Optimize and tune

If priority is not set then it would rely on higest ip address to decide on the Active router.

Tuning and Optimizing:
– If intertace goes down it takes off a predecided off the priority. It has to be configured with preemtion
Created by the IETF
Works between multiple vendors
has Faster timers than HSRP by default -Hello of 1 second, HOLD timer of 3 seconds

Active/Standby becomes Master/Backup
Standby group becomes VRRP Group
Master router can share Virtual Ip
One Second hello timer, three times
Hello = Down Time(+ skew timer)

1) Configure VRRP group
2) Otimize setting
3) Verify
Created by cisco
Identical features to HSRP, but allows an active-active connection that adds load-balancing

Single VIP with multiple macs
Active virtual Gateway, Acts as the Point man
Other routers act as Active virtual forwarders


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